Won Seok Lim investigates the root cause of his client’s addiction stemming from early trauma and then lays out an action plan that will minimize withdrawal pain. He incorporates his paintings and other arts related activities to induce body chemicals as a buffer and painkiller for withdrawal symptoms.

First sessions are typically 90-minutes including a 60-minute sound therapy treatment followed by a 30-minute office consultation. Dr. Stothers takes a holistic mind body approach with a focus on initially detecting the root cause of the disorder or symptom through a combination of coaching and healing methods aimed at tapping into a person’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Follow up sessions can include a variety of mind body therapies, Mind Body Wellness and Addiction coaching and treatments that address both the causes and symptoms of the client’s health and wellness concerns. The length of sessions and course of treatment may vary depending on the severity and depth of the issues being addressed.