Lee Stothers

The Arts as Modes of Healing

Ko-omote (Young Woman)
Japanese Noh Mask
Carved and painted by Lee Stothers

Traditionally the arts and healing have gone hand in hand, particularly in shamanistic traditions such as Peruvian, Japanese, Tibetan, Korean, Mongolian and Aboriginal. It is only recently that pharmaceuticals and medicine have legitimized themselves as science, while back benching the arts from their originating role as mediators of the soul. Sonic Visions is committed to restoring the various arts to their rightful place as physical, emotional and spiritual communicators. It is not always with our minds, but more often through our sensory perceptions—sound, vision, taste, touch, smell, instinct or intuition—that we tune into ourselves as individual and collective beings.

Sound, light and colour flow through us in vibratory waves. One evokes the other in a sonic visual interplay powerful enough to unlock hidden recesses within our minds, bodies and cellular memories that can promote healing. Such a balancing act is the key to health, happiness and continued expansion.

Equinox: Sculptural Robes & Headgear

Performed by Lee Stothers

Costumes by Lillian Yuen and Lee Stothers

Umoregi: The Fisherman's Wife, Kyoto staged performance and North Vancouver Twin Bridges film location.

Costumes by Lee Stothers, Elina Takahashi and Jae Woo Kang